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Hibiki Run brings move-to-earn to the next level with music and raffle game. Move outdoors, listen to music, earn tokens and play raffle to get diversified rewards including tokens, NFTs (PFP, music, etc.) and external project whitelists.

To put this into a formula:

Hibiki Run = Move-and-listen-to-earn + Raffle System + Open Marketplace

The inspiration

Hibiki (้Ÿฟ) is the Japanese word for "sound", "resonance" and "harmony".

We try to combine oriental philosophy such as "Ichigo-ichie" (random music streaming), objects such as "Omamori" (Soulbound Token type of amulets that boost performance) together with unique aesthetics to make the move-and-listen-to-earn experience fun and harmonious.

Key features


Despite all the heated debates around its sustainability, M2E is still one of the most efficient ways to gain traction due to its positive initiative, straightforward concept and huge user community. However, we also noticed that walking/jogging/running alone does not in itself generate much positive externalities. We intend to

For many, walking and running without music is soulless. Music motivates runners, keeps pace and help people find peace of mind.

With Hibiki Run, users can listen to different music genres that match their walking/jogging/running habits which reflects to the type of headphones they collect (Gold, Electric, Water, Fire).

Raffle reward system

Earning $HUT after each running session is not the end. It is the beginning of winning diversified rewards such as $HBK, NFTs and whitelists through the in-app raffle system.

Playing raffle machine gives ultimate surprises to players, whatever NFT assets we receive from external parties and community are to be added into NFT raffle pool with a non human intervention logic and manner to guarantee fairness.

To give a simple flow of what users will get upon spending $HUT (earned from M2E): $HUT -> play Raffle Machine -> get rewards in the following categories:

  • $HUT

  • $HBK

  • M2E NFT Assets

    • Headphones Gashapon

    • Omamori parts (under development)

  • Collection NFT Assets (in the format of image, sound, etc)

    • Hibiki Run Mascot NFT series

    • External projects' NFTs

    • Hibiki Run artists/musicians' NFT series

    • Others

Open Marketplace

Hibiki Run marketplace is not only for app users to buy and sell their NFT collectibles, but also an open launchpad for all external projects to promote and airdrop their NFTs while receiving royalties and exposures.

Future visions/Roadmap

PFP NFT Fusion

Think of Mfers or Azuki, what comes to your mind? Yes, many of these cool characters own a pair of headphone, it makes them more vivid, gives them personality. Headphone is a perfect addition to any PFP NFT, put it on your ears or hang it on the neck, your call.

Music NFTs <> visualization and aggregation

Even with the advent of Internet, the music industry is a typical โ€œwinner takes allโ€ market where a few top celebrities get most of the revenues (e.g. The Music Industry Is Built on Artists, but Shuns Creators) while the indie artists also suffer from too many middlemen.

To address these issues, many teams attempts to challenge the status quo by leveraging music NFTs. Hence, music NFT is considered to be the next big thing after Profile picture (PFP) NFT. But they are siloed across different platforms and lack a universal symbolization. So we decided to make Hibiki Run's headphones an music NFT aggregator.

We envision that each pair of Hibiki Run's headphones can work as a container/wrapper of underlying music NFTs, giving them a visualizable symbol. People can buy/rent headphones for ownership/copyright without the hustle of browsing various websites for ideal contents from their favourite artists.

Donation for artists and musicians

Hibiki Run team is putting donation feature on the product roadmap which significantly alleviates unfairness such as middlemen issue.

Our vision is to create a transparent and streamlined in-app system where users can decide the amount and method for donating to their favourite artists/musicians.

This system will incentivize and motivate artists and musicians, hence facilitate the overall consumer-creator ecosystem.

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