The core asset in Hibiki Run comes with quite some characteristics.
Headphones are available on the in-app marketplace and is the prerequisite for starting a move-and-listen-to-earn session. But rest assured all registered users can get a pair of base headphones for free.
Property - all headphones have these property points
  • Quality - impacts $HUT generation
  • Sensitivity - determines level of luck
  • Comfort - impacts $HBK generation
  • Endurance - affects battery depletion speed
Variety - each headphone has one of these trait that corresponds to a few unique music genres
  • Electric - Electric / House
  • Water - Jazz / R&B / Classical
  • Fire - Hip-hop
  • Gold - All genres
Rarity - the higher the pitch, the better
  • Dope
  • Rebel
  • Mirage
  • Fantom
  • Soul
  • Legendary
  • Titan
Level - only opens up to 15 at this stage
Type - defines headphone's restriction and value
  • Base headphone
    every registered user will be given a free pair of "Base" type headphone with "Dope" rarity to begin their M2E journey with below restrictions:
    • Can not withdraw to on-chain wallet until remixing to "Rebel" or above
    • Can not mint new headphones until remixing to "Rebel" or above
    • All four properties start with value 1
  • Regular headphone
    • No restrictions in M2E gamification
  • Genesis headphone
    • Can only be obtained from whitelist or certain roles from Hibiki Run community rewards
    • No restrictions in M2E gamification
    • A unique identifier "G" can be seen in headphone details
Mint - with 2 headphones, users can sort of "breed" a Gashapon from which a new headphone is born
Level up - spend tokens to gain extra property points and increase daily token generation limit
Charge - each m2e session costs headphone's battery and you don't want it running out of juice
Remix - one way of getting a higher rarity headphone is by merging a lower rarity one with Omamori
Fuse - [In future release] PFP NFT and headphone NFT fusion can be done naturally to mint a new PFP headphone NFT.
Wear - Omamori is soulbound, hence wearing it will trigger a countdown in its lifespan