PFP + Headphone fusion

Consumption of PFP and Headphones fusion is TBD

Background and context

NFT fusionning unlocks a new world of imagination. Wouldn't it be great to mint a new NFT picture from your PFP NFT and your Hibiki Run headphone NFT?

We collaborate with many PFP NFT projects to fully unleash the potential to make it more visually pleasant while not losing the nature of the social status representation. Below is one of the most successful collaborations example with Larva Lads:

Token consumption

To preserve the true uniqueness of PFP fusion, our engineering team has modelled 10+ components of each headphone into database. By doing that each headphone can be uniquely transferred into different design for different wearing angles.

Certain amount of HBK will be consumed to mint the NFT fusion [TBD]

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