Freemium, should we say?

Value & vision

Hibiki Run aims to build a sustainable and organic community where users from both web2 and web3 can be friends and families. To achieve that, we are lifting the barriers for entrance and everyone can enjoy the game itself for free.

With that said, it requires lots of dedication and effort to advance the game and token outcome to the next level. Therefore, learning core game logics and features is critical, and hard-work should always get more rewards.


Each registered user will be greeted by a Hibiki Run Headphones Gashapon to begin the journey, it contains a pair of base headphones belonging to "Dope" rarity to kick start their music runner experience.

Once remixed with Omamori to upgrade to a higher rarity, such base headphones will be able to mint new headphones, be traded in marketplace, and be withdraw-able to blockchain wallets.

Raffle system for reward

Our raffle machine provides users with varieties of rewards

  1. HUT (Hibiki Run utility token)

  2. HBK (Hibiki Run governance token)

  3. Core game headphone NFT

  4. Core game assets (Omamori, Gashapon, etc)

  5. JPEG NFTs for collection

  6. Music NFTs for collection

  7. etc

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