💲Transaction costs

For a sustainable ecosystem.

Type of costs in Hibiki Run marketplace

There are 2 types of costs involved in an NFT transaction, borne by the seller.

  • Transaction fee - 2%

  • Royalty for Hibiki Run NFTs - 4%

  • Royalty for NFTs donated from external project & HBK Artists/musicians - 20%

Why such high royalty fee given to external projects?

Because we want every user from web2 and web3 to be able to participate and enjoy a game that is free and fun, lowering entry barrier becomes the first priority.

We strive to promote and build a game system that is free-to-play while not compromising the token reward quality and quantity.

It is essential that diversified categories of rewards can be given out to users. The categories currently cover HUT & HBK tokens, M2E centric NFTs (Headphones & Omamoris), NFTs originated from external projects and Fans (JPEG and music), and project whitelists.

High royalty guarantees income of content creators and fans who spend time and effort contributing to our Hibiki Run family and community, it also incentivizes more talented artists and musicians to create their art and music and participate in free-mint giveaway to Hibiki Run NFT pools.

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