Guess we could all use some luck.


Omamori(御守) is an oriental amulet that brings good luck. In Hibiki Run, it can significantly boost headphones' property points. However, the charm does not last forever - once being worn, the countdown starts.

Ways to acquire

To get an Omamori, it is needed to purchase from the marketplace or piece together Omamori parts that may pop up after raffles.

A complete Omamori consists of 5 parts - bell, upper knot, lower knot, pouch and label. Different parts can be obtained from raffle machine.

UGC (under development)

Customized Omamori will be available and provide hidden boost.

NFT that is soulbound and has a lifespan

Omamori is soulbound, meaning it cannot be transferred upon wearing.

Once equipped, it starts counting down. The current lifespan for all Omamori is set to 7 days. At the end of its lifespan, the additional property points it provides vanishes.

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