🎲Raffle system

"God does not play dice with the universe." -- Albert Einstein

All in one program for raffle reward and external NFT airdrop

What we receive is what we give away, for free!

The end goal is to establish an organic NFT pool and program to welcome all external parties (NFT projects, Fan artists/musicians, etc) to participate in contributing to our NFT raffle pool and community.

Reward categories


  • $HUT

  • $HBK


  • External project

  • Fan arts

  • Music NFTS


  • Customized policy and benefits formulated from external projects [TBD]

Participants & Requirements

Daily users

What can be more exciting than receiving all kinds of rewards in the form of token, NFTs and project whitelists? The real loot box is yet to be open to keep bringing you surprises and excitements :)

Daily user can participate in raffle game everyday at the cost of certain amount of HUT tokens for each raffle.

Requirements/Limitations of raffle machine are listed below:

  1. Sufficient HUT tokens in your Hibiki Run wallet

  2. Sufficient daily "Raffle limit" count available

External projects [v2 release]

We welcome all external projects to participate in our raffle system and promote their NFTs.

High royalty fee is authorized for participating projects for each of the Marketplace transaction.

External parties can also promote their own project by giving away whitelists in our Raffle system.

The more items we receive, the higher chances users will receive and notice your projects.

Fan Artists/Musicians

What comes from community, goes back into the community!

Fans are family to us, and we want to identify potential Hibiki Run artists and musicians.

Anyone feels that he/she has demonstrated the skill in creating fan arts, music, or creative NFTs within the theme scope of Hibiki Run, we LOVE to hear and talk about it!

please feel free to join our discord and connect with our community ambassadors/leads to unleash your full potential.

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