We are here to untie the knots.

Q1: What is the public blockchain Hibiki Run is launching on?

We will be launching on Polygon for the initial release.

Q2: Will multi-chain be available, which chain will be the preference?

Yes, in later releases we will consider deploying Hibiki Run on other L1 chains, Solana and Near are on the list.

Q3: When is the Alpha test and how can I participate or register?

ETA for Alpha test is end of July. We will open to seed users in batches: 50, 200, 1000 and 5000 users. Every community member in our Discord server can participate, the details will be revealed in "Announcement" channel.

Q4: Is Alpha test on mainnet or testnet?

The goal of Alpha test is to collect user feedback and provide bug fixes, all given assets such as headphones, tokens, or collection NFTs will be on testnet only, the backend database will be reset after Alpha test. However all participants will receive a Mascot NFT from Hibiki Run team (to be revealed shortly, please stay tuned 😄).

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