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Hibiki Run is a music discovery platform that features digital collectibles related to ACG ("Animation, Comics, and Games"). With over 1 million high quality sound tracks, an easy-to-use user interface, and a portal to a wide range of digital collectibles, "play-and-earn" takes on a whole new meaning. We have never had it so fun and easy to spend time outside, listen to music, and collect rewards with our friends.

To put the above into a formula:

Hibiki Run = Gamified Music Discovery + Raffle System + Open Marketplace

The inspiration

Hibiki (響) is the Japanese word for "sound", "resonance" and "harmony".

We try to combine oriental philosophy such as "Ichigo-ichie" (random music streaming), game assets such as "Omamori" (Soulbound Token type of amulets that boost performance) together with unique aesthetics to make the play-to-collect experience fun and harmonious.

Game overview

There are currently 4 core game assets, 3 tokens, and 2 game modes:

Game assets:

  1. Headphones - Core asset to enable music discovery and gamification

  2. Pouch - Composing pieces of Omamori, 5 pouches can be fused into 1 Omamori

  3. Omamori - Accessory to headphones, boosts headphones performance

  4. Digital collectibles from external creators/projects - Critical collectibles for collection and boosting headphones performance


  1. HUT - Utility token (currently present as in-app credit)

  2. HBK - Governance token for critical game upgrade

  3. Matic - Polygon Network's native cryptocurrency that powers the marketplace on Hibiki Run

Game modes:

  1. Gamified music streaming - Listen to music to collect digital game assets & tokens with and without motions

  2. Raffle system/game - Play raffle and get diversified rewards

Key features

Gamified music discovery

Music industry in web3 has been recognized as future trend of better economy for both creators and fans.

Hibiki Run promotes web3 music streaming in a gamified way via its core digital assets - Headphones. And we think gamified music discovery is the key method to present to everyday users/players along with its token incentives, which can truly bring engagement and passion together.

With Hibiki Run, users can listen to different music genres that match their moods via different types of headphones they collect (Gold, Electric, Water, Fire, Storm).

Raffle system

Earning $HUT after each running session is not the end. It is the beginning of winning diversified rewards including tokens and digital collectibles through the in-app raffle system.

Playing raffle machine gives ultimate surprises to players, whatever NFT assets we receive from external parties and community are to be added into NFT raffle pool with a non-human intervention logic and manner to guarantee fairness.

To give a simple flow of what users will get upon spending $HUT: $HUT -> play Raffle Machine -> get rewards in the following categories:

  • $HUT

  • $HBK

  • Hibiki Run game assets

    • Headphones Gashapon

    • Omamori / pouch

  • Other digital collectibles (in the format of image, sound, animation, etc)

    • Hibiki Run Mascot NFT series

    • External projects' NFTs

    • Hibiki Run artists/musicians' NFT series

    • Others

Open marketplace

Hibiki Run marketplace is not only for app users to buy and sell their NFT collectibles, but also an open launchpad for all external projects to promote and airdrop their NFTs while receiving royalties and exposures. Their work will in turn act as a fuel to Hibiki Run game mechanics in ways such as boosting work out mode result, etc.

Future visions/Roadmap

Onboarding system for content creator

Hibiki Run is currently building a streamlined system for onboarding creators and external projects to airdrop their works into Hibiki Run's raffle pool and list their items in marketplace for sale.

Hibiki Run platform will provide a unique dashboard showcasing these creators and projects with high royalty fee for each transaction.

Spotify integration for music streaming

Integrating with Spotify for workout and listen mode in Hibiki Run is on the roadmap, users will be able to listen to their own favourite music during the game to maintain the same rewards from Hibiki Run.

The ETA for completion is by Q4 2023

Upgrade of visual and game system for Headphones collection

We know the importance of visual effects especially for every player's unique headphones collection.

Our engineers and designers aim to bring 3D headphones model into the system. The implementation is on the way and ETA for release is to be determined.

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