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In-app wallets

All game assets in one place
Users will have access to two wallets in one place: a Hibiki wallet that shows in-app transactions and a Polygon wallet that shows token transactions in and out.

How Hibiki Wallet works

  • Hibiki Account - Check your in-app token balance as well as Hibiki Run digital collectibles with ease. Hibiki Run purchases use this account for spendings.
  • To Polygon - Move your assets from Hibiki Wallet to your Polygon Wallet.
  • Transaction History - You can also check in-app transaction details dashboard with a single click.

How Polygon Wallet works

  • Polygon Account - You can easily check your cryptocurrency and digital collectible balances from Hibiki Run after they were withdrawn.
  • To Hibiki - Move your assets from Polygon Account to Hibiki Account.
  • Receive / Send - Transfer your assets on-chain to another external wallet address and vice versa.
  • Transaction History - You can also check both cryptocurrency and collectibles history records conducted between Hibiki Account and Polygon Account with a single click.

How to deposit to the Hibiki Account

  • Step 1 - Set up your Polygon Account
  • Step 2 - Deposit to Polygon Account via Receive function (You can also deposit to your in-app Polygon Account via external platforms)
  • Step 3 - Deposit to Hibiki Account via To Hibiki function
  • Step 4 - You are all set to purchase collectibles in Hibiki Run marketplace

HUT daily withdrawal limit

To help sustain a stable virtual economy, it is crucial to have a systematic approach in place regarding $HUTcirculation. One of the measures is setting daily withdrawal limit.

Daily withdrawal limit formula:

{[(TotalEchoRewards)/2 + (TotalGenesisHeadphoneRarity)x5 + (NumberOfCollectibles)] x MarketFactor} + BonusAllowance
Additionally, the above is subject to a 5,000 HUT ceiling.


  • TotalEchoRewards means Echo obtained accumulatively via various means, both in-app and offline, for details please refer to The EchoSystem​
  • TotalGenesisHeadphoneRarity means the average of all of your Genesis Headphones’ rarity using numerical representation from 1 to 7 (1 for Dope, 7 For Titan)
  • NumberOfCollectibles means total number of collectibles including POAP that a user holds
  • MarketFactoris the indicator of market/token price condition:
    • Initially MarketFactor =3
    • It may be adjusted depending on market condition
  • BonusAllowance means a discretionary allowance that may change from time to time for celebrating events, etc. Currently set to 0 HUT.
  • Daily withdraw limit is calculated on a weekly basis, on every Sunday 23:00~23:59 (UTC)
  • Daily withdraw limit refreshed at 00:00 (UTC)
  • There is also an HUT withdrawal transaction fee of 10 HUT to cover necessary blockchain network gas fee

Wallet Settings

  • Passcode - You can change your passcode (6 digits), which you will need to log in to both of your accounts.
  • Face ID - In addition to passcode, you can also enable face ID to log in to your Hibiki account.
  • Show Secret Phrase - Secret Phrases are keys to restore your wallet on blockchain. You can view the secret phrase (12 words) of your Polygon account at any time.
  • Import / Remove wallet - The wallet feature supports importing a polygon wallet you already have, as well as removing your current polygon wallet.