🌊The EchoSystem

Positive energy only


At its core, the EchoSystem is designed to incentivize contributors. Hibiki Echoes can be earned through activities such as burning NFTs, inviting new users, attending offline events, and other activities that help the ecosystem grow. Users can spend Echoes on various things, such as enabling Regular Headphones (R.H.) staking, claiming rewards from the leaderboard, enabling customized playlists, increasing the daily token withdrawal limit, and more.

Like any healthy economy, a virtual economy requires continuous value capture from outside sources and/or sustainable demand driven from within. The EchoSystem achieves both of these goals.

The first use case - R.H. staking

As a starting point, Hibiki Echoes can be extracted from deconstructing Regular Headphones (R.H.). Once deconstructed, the headphones will be gone, but the Echoes can be extracted and infused into other R.H., enabling HBK staking.

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