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Gamified music discovery

Hustle-free music discovery in game while collecting tokens & game assets
Workout Mode
Listen Mode
Workout Mode is for users to enjoy free high-quality music while on the out and about. The headphones equipped during your workout session will determine the music genre being streamed while granting you the opportunity to obtain $HUT.
  1. 1.
    Equip the headphones (if you have more than 1 pair) for your new session with the genre that suits your mood
  2. 2.
    Click "Workout" button on homepage to start a session
  3. 3.
    [Optional] Click "heart" button during session to add current track to your favourite playlist
  4. 4.
    [Optional] Wearing an Omamori will boost your rewards

Battery Consumption

Workout mode will consume headphones battery.

$HUT Generation Formula

G=S(Q+U)αRand[βγ]XYZMBGG = S * (Q + U) ^ α * Rand[β,γ] * X * Y * Z * M * BG
G = $HUT generation for each session
S = stamina consumed
Q = headphones quality points
U = Omamori's quality buff
α = system value 1
β = system value 2
γ = system value 3
X = 0 when average speed < 1km/h or average speed > 20 km/h, else 1
Y = 1 when remaining battery ≥ 50%; 2 * remaining battery when it drops below 50% (battery ranges from 1% to 100%)
Z = 1.3 when wearing Omamori of the same variety as headphones, else 1.2
M = 1 when listening to Audius (value for Spotify will be updated in future)
BG = 1.05 when wearing Gold headphones; else 1
Listen Mode is for users to enjoy free high-quality music regardless of their location while enabling collection of Pouches (the in-game assets used to create Omamori).

Collecting Pouch

The following formula is used to determine available time for collecting pouches.
PCT = Pouch Collecting Time (minutes)
TVSD = Total Verified Session Distance (km)
There is a maximum pouch collecting time of 60 minutes per day.
The following formula is used to determine the chances of discovering pouches during listen mode sessions.
Popou=MAYLCP_{opou} = M\frac{A}{YLC}
M=x1b1M = x^{\frac{1}{b}}-1
YLC = Yesterday’s Listen-mode seek Count (yesterday how many times in total pouch-seeking API has been called properly)
b = System variable (Adjustable)
A = System variable (Adjustable)
x = Sensitivity points of the current equipped headphones
M = Headphones' sensitivity reflected multiplier
P(opou) = Probability of finding a pouch per seek