๐ŸŽถGamified music discovery

Hustle-free music discovery in game while collecting tokens & game assets

Workout Mode is for users to enjoy free high-quality music while on the out and about. The headphones equipped during your workout session will determine the music genre being streamed while granting you the opportunity to obtain $HUT.


  1. Equip the headphones (if you have more than 1 pair) for your new session with the genre that suits your mood

  2. Click "Workout" button on homepage to start a session

  3. [Optional] Click "heart" button during session to add current track to your favourite playlist

  4. [Optional] Wearing an Omamori will boost your rewards

Battery Consumption

Workout mode will consume headphones battery.

$HUT Generation Formula

G = $HUT generation for each session

S = stamina consumed

Q = headphones quality points

U = Omamori's quality buff

ฮฑ = system value 1

ฮฒ = system value 2

ฮณ = system value 3

X = 0 when average speed < 1km/h or average speed > 20 km/h, else 1

Y = 1 when remaining battery โ‰ฅ 50%; 2 * remaining battery when it drops below 50% (battery ranges from 1% to 100%)

Z = 1.3 when wearing Omamori of the same variety as headphones, else 1.2

M = 1 when listening to Audius (value for Spotify will be updated in future)

BG = 1.05 when wearing Gold headphones; else 1

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