💲Transaction costs

For a sustainable ecosystem.

Type of costs in Hibiki Run marketplace

There are 2 types of costs involved when a transaction takes place in the marketplace, they are borne by the seller.

  • Transaction fee: 2%

  • Royalty for Hibiki Run NFTs: 4%

  • Royalty for NFTs from external project & HBK Artists/musicians: 6-20%

Why set adjustable royalties for external projects?

To enable every user to participate and enjoy a game that is free-to-play and fun, lowering entry barrier becomes the first priority.

It is vital to provide users with a variety of rewards. At the moment, there are four categories: HUT & HBK tokens, core game assets (Headphones & Omamoris), NFTs from external projects and fans (JPEGs, music, and animation), and project whitelists.

The high royalty rate guarantees income to content creators and fans who invest time and effort into our community, and it encourages more talented artists and musicians to contribute to the raffle pool with abundant content.

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