The core asset in Hibiki Run comes with quite some characteristics.

Headphones are the core game assets and Hibiki Run's own signature digital collectibles. They are available for sale in the marketplace and are the pre-requisite for starting a gamified music session.

But rest assured, all registered users can get a pair of base headphones for free! You can also get new headphones from the raffle machine and minting.


All headphones have the following properties that will impact various aspects of your play-to-collect experience.

Quality: Impacts $HUT generation during running sessions. Headphones with higher quality will generate more $HUT.

Sensitivity: Impacts level of chances when collecting pouches during listen mode. Headphones with higher sensitivity will give you higher chances of getting pouches.

Comfort: Impacts daily raffle energy limit. Headphones with higher comfort will increase daily raffle energy limit.

Endurance: Impacts battery lifespan. Headphones with higher endurance will have longer battery lifespan.


There are 5 headphones varieties, each corresponding to a specific music genre during workout mode.

Electric: Electric / House

Storm: Rock / R&B / Soul

Water: Jazz / Pop / Classical

Fire: Hip-Hop / Rap

Gold: All Genres


Headphones with higher rarities will have higher property values. Rarities are shown below in the order of lowest to highest rarity.

  • Dope

  • Rebel

  • Mirage

  • Fantom

  • Soul

  • Legendary

  • Titan

When calculating various formulas that take into account the rarity of headphones, Dope is denoted as 1, Rebel as 2, and so on.


  • Each pair of headphones has a maximum level of 15.

  • Headphones can only be remixed to a higher rarity when it reaches the maximum level.

  • Headphones will gain additional property points whenever it levels up.


There are 3 headphones types, each with unique characteristics.

Base Headphones

  • Every registered user will be given a free pair.

  • Cannot be withdrawn to an external wallet until it reaches a rarity of Rebel or above.

  • Cannot mint new headphones until it reaches a rarity of Rebel or above.

Regular Headphones

  • Can be withdrawn to an external wallet.

  • Can mint new headphones.

Genesis Headphones

  • Can be obtained from whitelists, rewards for having certain Hibiki Run community roles, and the raffle machine.

  • Can be withdrawn to an external wallet.

  • Can mint new headphones.

  • More perks to be announced in near future.

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