Freemium is the way to go

Value & vision

Hibiki Run envisions a strong future of gamification that includes marketplace trading, fan <-> creator circular economy, NFT collection, music streaming, etc.

Hence Hibiki Run aims to build a sustainable and organic community where users from both traditional and web3 space can enjoy playing games and collecting digital collectibles. To achieve this, reducing the barrier of entry by allowing everyone to play for free is key.

With that said, it requires much dedication and effort to advance the game and token outcome to the next level. Therefore, learning core game logic and features is critical, and hard work should always get more rewards.

Play-to-Collect (P2C)

Users will be given a Hibiki Run headphones gachapon to begin their journey. The gachapon contains a pair of base headphones of "Dope" rarity to kick start their music runner experience.

Once remixed with Omamori to upgrade to a higher rarity, such base headphones will be able to mint new headphones, be traded in the marketplace, and be withdrawable to blockchain wallets.

Players will be able to play raffles to collect game assets such as headphones, pouches and partner projects' NFTs along the P2C journey.

Raffle system for reward

Our raffle machine provides users with a variety of rewards.

  1. HUT (Game token, listed on BitMart and MEXC)

  2. HBK (Governance token)

  3. Core game headphones NFT

  4. Core game assets (Omamori, Gachapon, etc)

  5. JPEG/GIF NFTs for collection

  6. Music NFTs for collection

  7. Animation NFT for collection

  8. Others

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