๐Ÿ’ฐHibiki Run Affiliate Program

Getting a cut from Hibiki Run marketplace

Affiliate program offers inviters gift codes that can be used to give to friends and community members.

These gift codes bring inviters long term and short term/one-time benefits in the form of HUT, HBK and MATIC.

How to obtain gift codes?

Contribution to our community (discord):

Please refer to the # of gift codes available column on this Notion page for various roles on Discord


Unlock gift codes in-app (achievements):

User will be able to obtain gift codes automatically upon achieving below milestones:

  • Total stamina consumed during verified workout sessions๏ผš

Total stamina consumed during verified sessionsGift codes







  • Other critical milestones:

MilestonesGift codes

Successful remix of base headphones


1st Mint


1st Omamori fusion


Traded 5 times


Traded 20 times


Hibiki Run events giveaway

From time to time, Hibiki Run will host online/offline events such as AMA, live-houses, Q&A, etc. when certain numbers of gift code will be given away.

Rewards & Perks for inviters

Hibiki Run provides supporters and loyal players with long-term and one-time rewards when their invitees unlock some milestones.

Long-term rewards:

For every transaction (successful purchase or sale) in Hibiki Run marketplace conducted by the invitee, inviter will receive 0.25% of the total transaction amount in MATIC.

For instance, if user A purchases a pair of headphones from user B at a cost of 500 MATIC, and they were both invited by user C, then user C will receive 0.25% + 0.25% of that specific transaction, which is 2.5 MATIC.

One-time rewards (per invitee):

Hibiki Run rewards inviters when their invitees achieve below milestones in-app:

  • 1st 500 stamina consumed in verified sessions - 20HUT + 10HBK

  • Base headphone (Doโ†’Re) successful remix - 50HUT + 50HBK

  • 1st headphones mint - 30HUT + 15HBK

  • 1st Omamori fusion - 15HUT + 5HBK

  • 1st successful remix to Soul (Faโ†’Soul) - 500HUT + 200HBK

These rewards have been suspended indefinitely to counter mis-use.

Rewards & Perks for invitees

Users who applied gift codes successfully will get the followings as gift rewards:

  • 5x random Omamori pouches, 1 variety each, soulbound

  • 30 $HUT

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