Trade collectibles and get inspired

Hibiki Run's in-app marketplace is a common ground for traders and players to buy and sell their digital collectibles gained from the raffle machine.

For iOS users, marketplace will be placed inside Hibikirun.com (due to Apple's restrictions).

For Android users, marketplace will be placed in-app natively.

Platform fee

For each transaction (in MATIC), Hibiki Run will charge platform fee of 2%.


For each transaction of digital collectibles, Hibiki Run offers royalty to all partner projects and HBK artists/musicians:

  • 4% Royalty for NFTs originated from Hibiki Run team (headphones, game accessories, PFP NFTs, Music NFT, etc)

  • 6-20% Royalty for external projects and Fans which created and donated free NFTs into in-app raffle pool is to be determined at later time when onboarding process is fully streamlined

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