It takes two to "breed" a pair of new headphones.

Mint your headphones to get a new pair of headphones

2 Headphones at level 5 unlocks "Mint" feature, that is to "breed" a new pair of headphones (in the form of Gachapon loot box).

Mint count at each rarity

Every pair of headphones at each rarity are capped at certain mint counts:

Note: upon successful remix to the next rarity, mint count will be refreshed to 0 and be capped at corresponding value for that rarity the headphones belong to.

Mint cooldowns

  • 24-hour cooldown period is needed for newly obtained headphones to enable minting

  • Only 1 pair of headphones can be minted each day per account

Probability table

Below are the outcomes probability tables when minting headphones from parent headphones. Outcomes related to rarity of La and So will be disclosed in due course.

Rarity output:

Variety output:

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