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You'll need them to complete Omamori
Pouches are available for sale in the marketplace. You can also collect pouches during Listen Mode sessions.
Game assets - pouch
The Pouch Matrix, amazing init?


There are 5 types of pouches, each with providing different types of boosts.
  • Bell: Affects remix base success rate
  • Tassel: Endurance boost
  • Musubi: Quality boost
  • Stamp: Sensitivity boost
  • Bag: Comfort boost


There are 5 pouch varieties: Electric, Storm, Water, Fire, and Gold. Pouch variety will determine the variety of the Omamori created through the fusion process.


Fusion is where Omamori is being created:
  • Pouches being fused to create an Omamori must be of the same variety.
  • The provided boosts of the created Omamori will be determined by the boosts of all the pouches used for the fusion.
  • The Omamori created from the fusion will be automatically moved to your collection.
  • Fusion cost: 15 HUT + 5 HBK
Omamori fusion