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Guess we could all use some luck.


Omamori (御守) is an oriental amulet that brings good luck. In Hibiki Run, it can significantly boost headphones' property points. However, the charm does not last forever - once equipped, it will trigger a countdown in its lifespan(2-7 days). You can purchase more Omamori from the Hibiki Market or fuse them with the required Omamori pouches via Fusion.
Game assets - Omamori
Omamori closeup


There are 5 Omamori varieties (Gold, Water, Storm, Electro and Fire).
The equipped Omamori's variety will provide unique visual experiences during Listen Mode sessions.


All Omamori will have the same full lifespan of 2-7 days.

Remix success rate

The remix success rate of the Omamori will impact the chances of successfully remixing your headphones.
Other than the 'Base Remix Rate' of Omamori, Rarity of headphones play into account as well.
Headphones with higher rarity result in additional lower chances of a successful remix.

Provided boosts

The provided boosts of the Omamori will be added to the equipped headphones' properties (Quality, Sensitivity, Comfort, and Endurance) once it's equipped.
In addition, Omamori also provides overall session boost upon verified HUT earning:
Omamori with different variety of headphones: Session HUT earnings * 1.2
Omamori with same variety of headphones: Session HUT earnings * 1.3
Omamori boosts only equipped headphones during sessions (listen & workout modes). The only exception is the "Comfort" property, which will be boosted for all headphones in collection accountable for higher daily raffle count.


  • Remixing regular headphones with an Omamori upgrade their rarity by 1.
    • Remixing base headphones will upgrade base headphones to regular headphones of 'Dope'.
  • The headphones being remixed must be level 15.
  • The Omamori and headphones being remixed must be of the same variety (Except Base Headphones)
  • The remix success rate is determined by the omamori's remix success rate and the headphones' rarity. Headphones with higher rarity has a lower remix success rate.
  • The remixing process will consume the Omamori, even when the process fails.
  • Remix cost: 30 HUT + 10 HBK
  • Headphones' new attributes after successful remix:
    • 75% of the range in the rarity comes from random number
    • The rest remaining portion:Value of Omamori/Attribute cap * 25%›
    • e.g. for initial REBEL value, lower bound is 15,cap is 40, quality point of the Omamori is 5 (cap is 10):
      • (40-15)*0.75 = 18.75
      • The headphones' final quality point after remix = random(0, 18.75) + (40-15)0.25(5/10)+ 15

Equip Omamori

  • Equipping an Omamori can boost your headphones properties.
  • Equipping an Omamori with the same variety as the equipped headphones will provide additional boost to HUT generation during Workout Mode sessions.
  • Omamori is soulbound; hence wearing it will trigger a countdown in its lifespan.

Unlock listen mode skins

Upon equipping Omamori, 5 different listen mode skins will be unlocked.