We are here to untie the knots.

Q1: Which public blockchain will Hibiki Run be launching on?

We will be launching on Polygon for the initial release.

Q2: Will multi-chain be available, and which chain will be the preference?

Yes, in later releases we will consider deploying Hibiki Run on other L1 chains depending on the community's preferences.

Q3: Are both HUT and HBK on the blockchain?

Our Governance token $HBK will be on-chain and CEX listing in the future (ETA Q2 2023).

The current market condition poses great challenges in listing and liquidity. As such, $HUT will not be put on the blockchain upon Hibiki Run's official launch, instead, it will become an in-app credit eligible for various game features.

The schedule for listing $HUT is to be announced later.

Q4: What is Hibiki Run's Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program offers players gift codes that can incentivize inviters with long-term share of transaction fee derived from every transaction made by the invitee, as well as various rewards that include token incentives and game assets when the invitee has achieved certain in-app milestones.

The number of gift codes each user can obtain depends on in-app achievements, contributions to the community, and other factors. For details, please check out the affiliate program.

Q5: Do I need to have my own blockchain wallet?

Every registered user can use the built-in Hibiki Run Wallet to start their game and collection journey.

Hibiki Run has implemented user-friendly wallet features that make it easy to create or import your blockchain (compatible with other platforms) wallet on Polygon within just a couple of steps.

For more details, please refer to In-app wallets.

Q6: Why do I get "malicious activities" message prompt and cannot login anymore?

Your account's security is our first priority, and Hibiki Run team is taking every measure carefully to protect it.

When this particular message pops up "Your account is being investigated due to malicious activities.", it means our automated backend system has detected unusual and suspicious activities conducted in your account such as automated transactions, high failed attempts on login, etc. hence it is locked for further investigation to prevent potential damage to both you and others.

During a normal procedure, the account will be available after a thorough investigation is done within 24-48 hours. In case of higher delay, please report to our community manager.

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