Lock in your tunes and keep the beat secure!

Fair use

Security is a top priority at Hibiki Run. We take the protection of our usersโ€™ data and assets very seriously, and have implemented a comprehensive security system to ensure that our platform is safe and secure.

In order to maintain a secure environment, it is important that all users engage in fair use of the Hibiki Run app and WebUI. We ask that users do not engage in any activities that may compromise the security of the platform or other users. This includes but is not limited to

  • Using aggressive automation tools in scenarios such as marketplace to gain an overwhelmingly unfair advantage over other players

  • Exploiting software bugs or vulnerabilities for personal gain

  • Engaging in fraudulent activities such as phishing or scamming other users

  • Engaging in activities that disrupt the normal functioning of the app or platform, such as DDoS attacks or other types of hacking attempts

  • Impersonating other users or engaging in other forms of identity theft

We have developed and implemented an Automated Detection System that enables us to identify and seize accounts involved in Malicious and Damaging activities towards the Hibiki Run Ecosystem. These activities include the scenarios listed below:

  • The use of a single IP/Device to register a significant number of accounts

  • The use of Temporary Emails

  • Automated Transactions

  • Automated Running Sessions

In the event that a user is found to be engaging in malicious activities, such as spamming with unreasonable requests, we may take action to temporarily ban the user for a period of 24-48 hours, or indefinitely depending on the severity.

Bug bounty

We welcome every user to become our manual testers and report bugs found in the app.

However, it is mandatory that potential penetration testers seek pre-approval before performing any testing (including but not limited to network and web application testing, social engineering, vulnerability scanning, and exploitation frameworks). This will ensure that the test is conducted legally and ethically, and will also prevent any disruption to business operations. It is important to allow at least 24 hours for pre-approval to be obtained, as the process may involve multiple stakeholders and security reviews.

Reward system for bug bounty will be disclosed in due course.

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